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About Us


The federal and state constitutions provide that an accused person has the right to be represented by counsel in criminal prosecutions.  This constitutional right has been interpreted to mean that counsel will be provided at state expense for indigent persons in all cases in which actual incarceration is a likely penalty.

The Office of the Alternate Defense Counsel (OADC) was established pursuant to §21-2-101, C.R.S. (Senate Bill 96-205).  The OADC is funded to provide representation for indigent persons in criminal and juvenile delinquency cases in which the Public Defender’s office determines that an ethical conflict of interest exists.

Statutory Mandate/Directive

The Office of the Alternate Defense Counsel is mandated by statue to "provide to indigent persons accused of crimes, legal services that are commensurate with those available to non-indigents, and conduct the office in accordance with the Colorado Rules of Professional Conduct and with the American Bar Association Standards relating to the administration of criminal justice, the defense function."  Section 21-2-101(1) (emphasis added).


The mission of the Office of the Alternate Defense Counsel is to provide indigent individuals (adults and children) charged with crimes with the best legal representation possible.   This representation must uphold the federal and state constitutional and statutory mandates, ethical rules and  nationwide standards of practice for defense lawyers.  As a state agency, the OADC strives to  achieve this mission by balancing the obligation to the criminally accused and the taxpayers of the State of Colorado.  The OADC is committed to ensuring that indigent defendants receive the best legal services available.


03 February 2021
In addition to evaluating court-appointed counsel for municipal courts, the Municipal Court Program ...
13 November 2020
The OADC is looking for two new members for our commission!  Members cannot be current OAD...

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