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Denver, CO 80203

OADC contractors who represent juveniles agree to the following:

I attest that I have the skills, experience, and knowledge to competently and zealously represent juvenile clients, and I will do so to the best of my ability.

I have a copy of the National Juvenile Defender Center National Juvenile Defense Standards.  I have read and understand the Standards, and I will practice according to them.  Further, I attest that I am familiar with and understand:

  • Colorado juvenile law, including the juvenile code, rules of court, and case law relevant to juvenile practice, relevant criminal law, and the rules of evidence;
  • The ethical duties of juvenile counsel and the purpose of juvenile court;
  • Defenses and mitigation for juveniles based upon adolescent development and mental health research; and
  • The direct and collateral consequences of juvenile court involvement.

I understand that I have the following duties when representing juvenile clients:

  • I have a duty to zealously represent the expressed interests of each of my juvenile clients. I understand that I do not represent the best interests of my clients or the interests of their parents.
  • I have a duty to vigorously assert the statutory and constitutional rights of my juvenile clients. I have a duty to investigate the facts of my clients’ cases, and will use an investigator when appropriate. I will file written motions and seek appellate review when appropriate.
  • I have a duty to use a holistic approach in evaluating and advocating for my clients’ needs. I will consult with experts and seek to incorporate an OADC forensic social worker into my defense team when appropriate. I will consult with an OADC Special Education specialist when appropriate.
  • Upon appointment to a juvenile case, I have a duty to contact my client as soon as possible, but no later than two (2) business days from appointment. I have a duty to have regular and meaningful contact with my client, and understand that this contact should be in person and outside of court whenever possible.
  • I have a duty to monitor the conditions of my client’s placement and address any concerns that arise.

I agree to obtain at least five (5) Continuing Legal Education credits each calendar year that specifically pertain to defending juveniles in delinquency or adult court.

I agree to maintain a reasonable caseload that allows me to represent juveniles ethically and proficiently.



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