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Web Tip Wednesday - A - Z Forms

Have you ever needed to request an interpreter for a case and can’t remember where you saved the OADC request form?  Ever wondered if you’re using the most current version of the Transcript Request Form?  Well wonder no more, because this week’s WTW is here to help!

There are two ways to get to forms on the website; through the Information tab on the top menu bar or through the A – Z Form Listing link on the bottom of every page.  Next week we’ll talk about what’s in the Information tab but right now I would like to show you the quickest way to get the form you need, and the most current version to boot.  (And you can do it in less than 30 seconds!  Ready?  Start your stopwatch…)

From ANY page on the website, scroll down to the bottom of the page and click on the button that says “View All Forms.”

WTW a2z


This will take you to a list of forms.  Select the one you need and get on with your day!

WTW a2z list


If you are not already logged into the site, your list will look like this.  You can login right from here if you need to access a form that is not available to the public.

WTW a2z login

Keep in mind that forms change all the time, so the absolute best way to access a current form is through the website, plus you save yourself the time and hassle of rooting around on your computer, looking for what you need.

Happy Wednesday!

Web Tip Wednesday - Information Tab
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